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SSL1016 Autoloader Configuration.

Juan P Elizondo
Occasional Visitor

SSL1016 Autoloader Configuration.

I have connected a SSL1016 autoloader on a ML570 Win2K SP3 on the SCSI port2 on the server.
And when I go to Veritas (8.6) I'm only able to see the drive as standalone. But the library or autoloader is not showing under Devices in Veritas. I have loaded the library option for Veritas.
Any help is appreciated.
Dave Thomson
Super Advisor

Re: SSL1016 Autoloader Configuration.


I had a similar problem,same device, compaq server,o/s....
I upgraded to veritas 9. Installed the service pack and the latest driver pack from veritas.

Scott Arbaugh
Occasional Visitor

Re: SSL1016 Autoloader Configuration.

I experienced the same problem even with Veritas Backup Exec 9.1. On the SSL 1016 Autoloader, I had to select the "I/E Slot", make sure that it's checked, either on the front LCD menu, or through the web interface, then after I rebooted the server, it saw the Autoloader along with the drive.
Regular Advisor

Re: SSL1016 Autoloader Configuration.

Hi to all,

There are lots of options with regards on this issue, you can find all those thing from Anyway,try below my sugestion for isolation.

1.make sure both drive and loader are already detected from bios

2. Download an update veritas driver for Autoloder/robotics)

3. use REGEDT32 (be carefull by using this)

4. Find and delete two entries for SCSIChanger



5. Reboot your system

6. Then reinstall update veritas autoloader/library driver

(i.e BackupExecTapeDeviceDriverInstall_263506.exe for 9.0 build 4454, bnt86idrv36a 256251.exe for 8.6 )

7. Reboot the server

Hope this helps,

"You should be working"
Seth Pickett

Re: SSL1016 Autoloader Configuration.


Also Microsoft's RSM can be causing problems. I have found disabling the autoloader in RSM can help Backup Exec discover the autoloader.

Seth Pickett

Re: SSL1016 Autoloader Configuration.

Also, designating an I/E slot should have no effect on Backup Exec discovering or using the robotics.