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SSL1016 Autoloader, DL380 & 6i

James McMillan_4
Occasional Advisor

SSL1016 Autoloader, DL380 & 6i


Does anyone know whether the SSL1016 Ultrium 460 Autoloader is compatible with the DL380 G4's SmartArray 6i?

We're getting a System Error 31, after much deliberation by HP, they say it's not compatible, only I can't find any proof of this.. the only similar thing I can find is a statement saying the drive by itself IS compatible (

Can anyone point me to a definitive link somewhere on whether it's good or bad news?

Cheers, James

I'll post this in the Server forums as well..

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: SSL1016 Autoloader, DL380 & 6i

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: SSL1016 Autoloader, DL380 & 6i

Marino pointed you to the EBS matrix which is where tape libarary and autoloader compatability is listed.

The only smart array controller that has been tested and certified is the 5i/5i plus. The 6i is not listed.

The recommendation is to use an separate SCSI HBA for a tape autoloader.
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