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SSL1016 and Red Hat Linux

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SSL1016 and Red Hat Linux


What support is available under Linux for HP tape libraries, is states it is supported in the compatibility guide, but does this mean I need a third party product to support it? or are there utilities under the operating system to drive the library. I do hope this is the correct forum!

Phillip Williams_2
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Re: SSL1016 and Red Hat Linux


If you look in...

type in SSL1016 or whatever...

the drivers etc. for the various HP bits of kit are listed.

For one of the SSL1016's (there are 3..) are listed
» Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1-Itanium
» Red Hat Linux 7.0
» Red Hat Linux 7.1
» Red Hat Linux 7.2
» Red Hat Linux 7.3
» Red Hat Linux 8.0
which then take you to the tools etc.
Red Hat Linux 8.0

description date rev size
HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools 5 Aug 2003 3.3 4.2 MB
HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools Script Bundle 15 Oct 2003 October 15, 2003 755 KB
Firmware Bundle
description date rev size
HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools Firmware Bundle 6 Oct 2003 October 2003 5.1 MB

Hope this helps,

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