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STK & DLT7000 performance problem

STK & DLT7000 performance problem

I have some performance problems with HP Data Protecot 5.0
and StorageTek L700 Libary with acsls.


Cell Server
OS W2k SP3
HP Data Protector 5.0 patch 4

Backup Server
ProLiant DL380 1GB RAM, 2xCPU
Libattach 1.1
Adaptec 2944UW Driver
NC Compaq 6136 Gigabit
2x Adaptec 2944UW Differential

01 Adaptec connected with 2xDLT7000 Quantum Drive
02 Adaptec connected with 3xDLT7000 Quabtum Drive

Normal SAP Online-Backup of 192GB in 6h with one DLT7000 Drive.
Without any change the same backup takes more than 14h! It looks
like the DLT7000 is not streaming but not allways.

Thnaks for any help
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: STK & DLT7000 performance problem

the problem could be related to one drive, one cartridge or to communication problems.
you should check in the W2K system event logs for any time-out problem.
you have also to install and run L&TT that is the diagnostic tool used by HP, the report will be able to found any problem on the drives, and could inform you about cartridges problems

Re: STK & DLT7000 performance problem

hi Marino,

>you should check in the W2K
>system event logs for any
>time-out problem.
No entry in the event log with time-out problems.

>run L&TT tool
Drives (10) and media (384) are managed by the ACSLS Server. Are you sure to run it anyway?

i have set up a performance log (Counter log) but i can't see anything irregular, except the bad "Bytes received/sec" when the backup takes 11-14h.

Since the DLT's are daisy-chained, i separated the two DLT7000 drives today. I found some messages in the forum about DLT7000 and "only one DLT7000 per SCSI bus". Let's see if it helps...

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: STK & DLT7000 performance problem

>run L&TT
Best option is to stop any BU SW services in this server,
You can also run L&TT in Aspi mode (you may need to install it) but be sure that no activity will be present on the SCSI bus.

Errors related to "bad byte" received, if it is not a communication problem, probably can be related to one drive or one media. L&TT Sticket could help you to identify wich

Eva Carrasco Gonzalez
Occasional Advisor

Re: STK & DLT7000 performance problem

i have got a idem problem. can you help me please