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STK library with LTO II IBM drives and 11iv1

STK library with LTO II IBM drives and 11iv1


There have been a few threads on this but I wonder if there is a recent update.

I have a STK SL500 library with IBM 3580 LTO II drives and it is recommended to use the atdd driver.

I have the latest atdd module (atdd. but when installed the tapes do not eject from the drive. They have to be manually ejected which of course is no good in a 6 drive 100 slot library.

Using the stape driver has no issues at all (except there is no hardware compression).

Has anyone successfully used the atdd driver on 11iv1 ?

The install script says it is only supported on L, V and N class servers so is obviously old but there is nothing later that I can find.

Please help.
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Kurt Beyers.
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Re: STK library with LTO II IBM drives and 11iv1


The schgr driver should be used to control the robot arm. The atdd module installs only the drivers for the LTO drives.

What is the outut of 'ioscan -fnC autoch'? Is the schgr driver added to the kernel (rebuild and reboot required)?

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