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STK9840 fiber drive

Tyrone Kimp
Occasional Visitor

STK9840 fiber drive

when trying to access the drive I get a device busy. The tape2 driver is claimed
in ioscan.HPUX11.x is the OS, is there a new tape2 or stape driver needed.


STK9840 fiber drives
Patrick Wessel
Honored Contributor

Re: STK9840 fiber drive


Can you provide us with some more information, please?
How did you try to access the tape drive? Omniback or a UNIX command like tar or pax?
Have you tried to find out if someone else uses the device by 'fuser ?
There is no good troubleshooting with bad data
Joseph T. Wyckoff
Honored Contributor

Re: STK9840 fiber drive

Here are some wild guesses for you - we don't really have enough info...

Focus first on the FC - patching and firmware are a fairly common issue.

1. If you are using an FC MUX check firmware in the MUX/update if necessary
2. Consider OS patches for SCSI, TAPE, STAPE, FC...
3. Reset the FC MUX at some point...

Is this a SAN? Are the tape drives accessable from several servers?
If so the other server may be holding the lock...

Load a tape into the drive.

With a tape in the drive try this..

diskinfo -v /dev/0mbest
(of course use the correct /dev/.. path for YOUR tape drive...)

If you get some info about the tape drive then things are probably working at the OS level.

If you get device not available (or some such) then look to drivers and hardware issues - or the drive really is locked.

Are you using Omniback. Get recent Omniback patches.

After you get OB patches in place, call for Omniback support - there may be an unreleased patch too.

In UX you usually have multiple special files for one drive (0m, 0mbest,c6t0d0...)
Might anything else be holding the drive locked (tar, fbackup...)

In Omniback you can have multiple drive names for a single physical drive also - if so be sure to use the ADVANCED option LOCK NAMES.

If it is a SAN - later versions of Omniback allow for some advanced locking.

Good Luck.
Omniback and NT problems? double check name resolution, DNS/HOSTS...