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SUN StorEdge FlexiPack, compatible with HP?

Todd Bowden
Valued Contributor

SUN StorEdge FlexiPack, compatible with HP?

I have a question about a SUN StorEdge FlexiPack DLT7000 tape drive. Is it possible that an K460 would be able to see it. I have an HSC A2969A. Im not sure if I have to change any kernel drivers.

Any help would be appreciated.

Lasse Knudsen
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SUN StorEdge FlexiPack, compatible with HP?

Assuming that the scsi i/f is matching I would imagine that you could get it working.

For 10.20 it was however so the drivers recognized the tape from the SCSI-identification string. If the device's id-string did not match that in the driver it would use a standard driver not giving you the full advantage of the drive. (SunOS/Solaris does the same but it's configurable with an include file (.h).

The exactly same DLT could be OEM'd to another SCSI-id string (Sun might have done that) - so you might end up not having full functionality. But give it a try.
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