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Re: Scheduled Maintenance NNM oddness?!?!


Scheduled Maintenance NNM oddness?!?!


I have opened a ticket with HP, but I still can't believe what their answer is. We have approx 200 nodes that we need to put into 1 of 4 different maintenance schedules in NNM. They are not contiguous IPs or specified within a range, just random IPs... no rhyme or reason to be able to make a pattern out of.

Turns out you can't put multiple nodes on a single Maintenance List in ECS? like,, etc.

You can only put a single IP, a wildcard or a range.

HP is saying I have to put 200 individual lines for each one of the servers, adding the schedule and true to each line.

Is this really the case? It is 2008, right? ;)

NNM 7.51 on Solaris 9.

Joe Drigon
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Re: Scheduled Maintenance NNM oddness?!?!

Yes, this is the case.