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Seagate STT8000A & Colorado Backup for windows 95

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Seagate STT8000A & Colorado Backup for windows 95

I'm trying to install the Seagate Tape Drive on Windows 95 O/S. It's been used successfully on Windows 2000 until yesterday. Before that, it had been used on another Windows 95 machine.

The Colorado Backup software is installed, but will not connect to the tape. I receive a hardware failure notice and I'm told to restart the PC. I've tried several different tapes, defragged the PC, and run scan disk to correct any errors.

Thanks for any help given

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Re: Seagate STT8000A & Colorado Backup for windows 95


I think ur drive has got some problem. Please sut down the PC and remove data cables for drive and connect it again. Then reload the driver and try once again. If still not working, Remove drive and connect in old win2k system and try. make sure that drive 100% OK, Then U can do diagnosing win-95. If require U can even reinstall win95.

Diagnosing a win95 system will take one hr, but reinstalling will take only 15 mts....Am I right?

Best of luck

Re: Seagate STT8000A & Colorado Backup for windows 95

Don't think drive went bad. Moving makes one forget where devices are. Make sure your jumpers are correct. You may have this IDE travan conflicting with another drive in the system. When we move an external unit (SCSI) around our office, we often forget there may be another device on that ID. If you are using the secondary IDE and have two masters or two slaves the search at post will time out - possibly showing 1 device - possibly showing neither - and the machine will boot without having found your device. Colorado will come up but with no backup target but a backup file.
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