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Searching for Document ID: KBRC00008112

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Murray Lawrence
Occasional Advisor

Searching for Document ID: KBRC00008112

Am looking for this document ID, it is an HP IT RC document. Can anyone help locating it?
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Re: Searching for Document ID: KBRC00008112

Ultrium library not seen in ioscan DocId: KBRC00008112 Updated: 10/4/01 8:09:00 AM

A6311A Ultrium tape library is direct connected to a single A5158A Tachlite
fibre channel HBA. ioscan is still not showing the library after
loading the required patches:

PHKL_23939 11.00 Fibre Channel Mass Storage Driver Patch
PHSS_23996 11.00 Tachyon TL Fibre Channel Driver Patch
PHKL_23790 11.00 SCSI Tape (stape) cumulative

NOTE: As with all patches consult HP's IT Resource Center at
for the superseded patches and patch dependencies.

# ioscan -fnH 0/2/0/0 shows:
fc 0 0/2/0/0 td CLAIMED INTERFACE HP
Tachyon TL/TS Fibre Channel Mass Storage Adapter
fcp 0 0/2/0/0.8 fcp CLAIMED FCP Protocol Adapter

The A5158A card has a green link light and fcmsutil /dev/td0 shows the
Driver state = ONLINE and Topology = PRIVATE_LOOP.

dmesg and syslog.log contain the following error:

It appears that there are (or were) more than one device with the same address
(nport ID) setting of 0x0. One of them will be ignored.

What can be done to allow the libary to be seen and claimed?

Model - A500 OS - HP-UX 11.0 64bit
In this case the problem and error was caused by the libaries fibre channel
configuration. The library was configured to use soft addressing. Once the
library was changed to use hard fibre channel addressing using the library
front panel, ioscan was able to see both drives and the library robotics.