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Select SCSI port for device

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Select SCSI port for device

hi every body

i have a DLT tape Drive with Fast-Wide SCSI port
and i have two HP server one of them has SCSI port " Ultra2 LVD" and the other server is itunium has SCSI port "Ultra 320" , i need to use the tape.
which server is suitable for connection? please mention to me the required converter and cables ?

best regards
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Re: Select SCSI port for device

Hello Omy,

Please check the following sites

for tape drive compatibility against each server

for teh required parts like cables and terminators.

the other way is to contact your local sales and service personnel and ask for the same.


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Re: Select SCSI port for device

Check the box, in which the DLT tape drive was shipped, for the cables. Look at the tape device and the server for the type of SCSI connector(s) installed on them and their compatibility. I'm making assumptions since you haven't provided the make and model of the tape drive.