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Server Crashes when Running HP Tape Tools

Damian McCarville
Occasional Visitor

Server Crashes when Running HP Tape Tools

I am runnig the newwest verision of Tape tools and the server blue screens when i run a scan, also dur the backup i get I/O errors.
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Crashes when Running HP Tape Tools


I have some questions.

Does the problem only happen with the latest version, or with any version?

What HP storage product do you have connected?

Is the your configuration one which is listed in the EBS (enterprise backup solution) compatability matrix?

Is the host OS one that is listed in the L&TT spec?

When it blue screens, what is the stop error and what driver is referenced?

Do you have a RAID controller installed? Some RAID cards cause problems with LTT probes for devices.

Are you using an HBA that utilitzes the Storport driver? If so, it's not currently supported with LTT.

You mention I/O errors with the backup. Severe communication errors to devices could cause device drivers running in the kernel to crash the system, which could happen running LTT.

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