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Server Free Backup MSL6060 with NSR E1200

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Marc Knecht
Occasional Contributor

Server Free Backup MSL6060 with NSR E1200

We have Win2k3 Servers, SAN with MSA1000 and two HP SAN Switchs (not MSA embedded)

For backup we use Data Protector 5.1 and a MSL6060 with two Ultrium LTO2 and a NSR E1200 embedded. The MSL is connectend to the Fibre.

Backup via LAN is working fine, but i like to backup server free via Fiber Channel.

No the problem i have is, that on the NSR E1200 i can't configure this. On the Web Gui there is under System, Active Fabric ServerFree Backup Disabled. I can't enable this. In the manual i read something from service mode restricted access?!

Then i think to upgrade all firmwares. TapeLibrary and Drives are no Problem, but i can't upgrade the firmware of the NSR. Current Firmware is 0104 and new is 530b.

the upgrade process stops with sense code 0x3a00.

I use hp storage works library and tape tools for upgrade. also i look for firmware upgrade via telnet/web gui from the nsr, but the menu is not available, again service mode restricted access?!

My primary question is what must i configure for server free backup?
when i have to upgrade the firmware of the nsr, how?

Thanks for Help and Greetings from Switzerland
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Free Backup MSL6060 with NSR E1200

There is two backup concepts that often are confused as both use SAN-attached drives.

- Serverless backup.
- Lanfree backup.

Lanfree backup is rather similar to local connected drives. The backup data flow from the client to the tape drive via SAN. All (SAN attached) clients can write direct to the tape drives and som kind of device locking is needed to prevent more then one client writing to a drive at the same time. To use Lanfree backup in DP you just need to configure Library drives for each client and adress the backup objects for every client to its own logical drive.

Serverless backup is different, the data is sent direct from the disk system to the tape drive (via SAN and the Storage Router/Data Mover). Serverless backup is a more complex concept and very hardware and software dependent. The support for Serverless backup in DP 5.1 is also rather limited.

Marc Knecht
Occasional Contributor

Re: Server Free Backup MSL6060 with NSR E1200

ok thanks, no i see what i have to do, and it works great
Satish Kumar_5
Regular Advisor

Re: Server Free Backup MSL6060 with NSR E1200

Hi Marc,

I am also facing the same problem.Can you share what u did to get the same working. I also want to do a server free backup. I have a msa1k with embeded SAN switch and msl 6030 tape library with NSR E1200-160.I am also able to take lan free but serverfree is not working.backup s/w used is CA arcserv 11.1

Thanks in advance

Re: Server Free Backup MSL6060 with NSR E1200

Please, Mr.

I will need some kinf of license to perform a lan free backup ?

tks in advance