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Share 2/20 library between 2 servers

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dave daniels_2
Valued Contributor

Share 2/20 library between 2 servers

Is it possible to share the 2/20 between two servers without using Fiber channel. I would like to connect one drive to one server with omniback and act as the host. The other drive would connect to my other server.

I do not believe this would work, just looking for some more input.

A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Share 2/20 library between 2 servers

This works like a charm under OB2/DP.
I would put the robotics and one drive on one controller other drive on a separate bus.

This actually works well and is fully supported.

HostA (SCSI ID 7) --- Robot (SCSI ID 0) --- Drive 1 (SCSI ID 1) -- Terminator

HostB (SCSI ID 7) --- Drive2 (SCSI ID2) --- Terminator.

However, this is how I actually do it and it works even better:

HostA (SCSI ID 7) ---- Robot (SCSI ID 0) ---
Drive 1 (SCSI ID 1) ---- HostB (SCSI ID 6)

HostA (SCSI ID 7) ---- Drive2 (SCSI ID2) ---
HostB (SCSI ID6).

The 2nd method actually allows you to define 2 logical drives for one physical drive. They should share a common lock name so that OB2 will not try to use them simultaneously. The advantage of this method is that you can avoid network traffic by treating each logical drive as a local device.

I use this scheme to directly attach my drives to my main servers for fastest possible backup while during the day I use the other logical drives to do media copies locally attached to my Cell Server.

If it ain't broke, I can fix that.