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Sharing Library with FC Bridges 4/2

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Sharing Library with FC Bridges 4/2

Hi Experts!

Please help me with following questions:

It's possible to use both FC-ports on
FC Bridge 4/2 to provide drives and robotics
sharing ( throught Switch ) for two hosts, to
create HA Backup Solutions with OmniBack s/w?

Does it possible to connect library robotics in
two daisy chain simultaneosly( with two initiators ), for same purposes to exclude single point of failure on FC Bridge?

Mean L700 library for example.

Thanks in Advance!

Oliver Haensel
Respected Contributor

Re: Sharing Library with FC Bridges 4/2

Hello Andrey,

let me answer your questions.
First: You can share your library for 2 hosts with the 4/2 bridge if you have the following configuration: 2 HP9000 servers directly attached to the bridge, running in a MC Service Guard cluster with ATS software included. No other OS will be supported by HP! If you're connecting the bridge to a switch you should not use the second FC interface of the bridge.

Second: Theoretically you could do it when setting the bridge SCSI IDs to different values (i.e. 6 and 7). But practically HP does not support this setup. There will be no host nor another bridge be supported at the FC-SCSI bridge.

Hope this answers your questions.

everything is possible ...