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Sharing MSL5000 with OpenVMS and HP-UX on SAN

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Rick Arrington
Occasional Visitor

Sharing MSL5000 with OpenVMS and HP-UX on SAN

Is there any reason why sharing a MSL library between a OpenVMS server and a HP-UX server both using OS native backup commands. The MSL is attached to the SAN via a SCSI Router. The MSL would have slots designated for VMS and HP-UX tapes. The backups would be done at different times all manually controlled.
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: Sharing MSL5000 with OpenVMS and HP-UX on SAN


As long as you don't try to access the library at the same time from both the servers, there aren't any issues.

You just have to do the housepeeking yourself (which tapes in which slots are used on what server and when is the usage time). But you are already aware of that.

best regards,
Rick Dyson
Valued Contributor

Re: Sharing MSL5000 with OpenVMS and HP-UX on SAN

I agree with Kurt. Admin on the tapes/slots or making sure you all use unique labels and check them before load/unload would be smart.

I am pretty sure that using native backup tools on both sides will work smoothly. It is the big enterprise grade packages that don't always play nicely.

I have had (and heard from support folks about) problems when a Windows system is in the mix. Most of their backup systems seem to do something to the library to "lock" it from front panel access. They expect full, exclusive control and access to the library, even when not in use. I have not been kept away from MRU Robot use from my OpenVMS box, but if I need to physically swap out a tape or mag, the library refuses to let me access either side until I power cycle it.

I did find a config setting that seems to disallow locking the mail slot. So if I don't want to power cycle the library, I can move tapes in and out via the mail slot. Clusmy for lots of tapes, but workable.

Note, the windows folks I share with are adamant that they have all those kind of resource locks turned off. :) I just point to the library and ask them if the door will open with their finger better than mine.