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Shutdown MSL50x0

Occasional Contributor

Shutdown MSL50x0

Hi, all!
What we've - LAN with min 3 nodes and 2 devices:
1- host D210 under HP-UX 10.20 and directly attached via COM port APC SmartUPS with software PowerChute and w/o PCNS or SmartSlotCard. From this host we managing remote shutdown of another HP host such as rp5470 by issuing rlogin command.
2- rp5470(HP-UX 11.00).This host is also media server for MSL5030 wich attached to it via SCSI.
3- Windows 2K with function of Cell server for OV DataProtector 5.0.
The question is: is it possible remotly power shutdown of library MSL5030 from D210 signal(or from rp5470) even in case library device is busy (ex. night backup in progress). If yes, how?
I'll be very appriciated for any kind advices!
Hoang Chi Cong_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Shutdown MSL50x0

I think you shouldn't shutdown the server when the backup session is running.
It may cause the backup session failure or can not backup all data.
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