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Slow Backups (long)

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Slow Backups (long)

I've seen a lot of discussion here about slow drives, but most of you seem to be using Arcserve.

I have a new client running Netware 5.0 SP6a and Veritas Backup Exec 8.5. The first time I looked at his server, I pointed out that a backup hadn't been done since 12/2000. (client had religiously changed tapes every day, but since the tape didn't auto-eject and nobody there knows Netware, was unaware that jobs hadn't been running). I unpaused the tape device and it started to write the next job. I canceled and got them back on track to do the next daily backup. The next morning client came in and found it still writing to tape. I went over to check it out in time to see it ask for a 2nd tape. We backed up a total of 21 gig using 2 tapes in 15 hours. I double checked and hardware compression is ON, it's set to overwrite the tape, not append. Using Compaq DLT IV tapes on this 20/40 internal drive (Proliant 1600). Any thoughts? I've downloaded the tape management console, but haven't yet tried it.... will it do me any good running Netware? Seems as though it's not compressing and who knows why it's so S-L-O-W.

My next stop is Veritas' web site, but thought I'd ask here before moving on. Client is very unhappy and causing lots of stress - need to solve this FAST!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.