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Slow EVA5000 to ESL backups.

Sven Wells

Slow EVA5000 to ESL backups.

I am experiencing very slow backup throughput for data on hosts attached to an HP EVA 5000. The host's local drives/data backup fine, however, the data on the SAN data is backed up extremely slow. The hosts are W2K SP4, with Emulex HBAs. The HBA driver version is (10/26/2005). The size of the LUN presented to this host is approx. 50GB, with 15GB available. Incremental backup usually consist of approx. 2GB of data and take approx. 8hrs to complete. Veritas NetBackup v5.1 MP3a, backing up to an HP ESL 286e with SDLT320 drives. ESL has lates firmware applied.
Has anyone seen this before?
Matt Tourney
Frequent Advisor

Re: Slow EVA5000 to ESL backups.


A little more information would be helpful...

Is your ESL attached to the same SAN as the EVA 5000? Are are utilizing NetBackup to do a "LAN-free" backup of your data to the ESL, i.e. NetBackup is installed on the host whose data you are backing up? Or are you backing up this data from a host across the LAN?

Either way, this is very slow. 8 hours for 2GB is highly abnormal.