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Slow Performance

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Slow Performance

I recently replaced a Compaq 35/70 DLT tape drive with a Compaq 40/80 DLT tape drive on my Compaq Proliant 3000 server running NT 4.0 SP6a in an effort to reduce the tapes I backup nightly from 3 to 2. I am backing up with Veritas Backup Exec 7.3 build 2575 to DLT IV tapes with hardware compression turned on. Backups before the replacement took between 8-10 hours on 3 tapes with 140+GB of data. Since the replacement, backups take 16-18 hours with 2 tapes and the same amount of data. I am using less tapes now do to the higher tape drive capacity, but it is taking nearly twice as long. I tried reinstalling Backup Exec and removed and reinstalled the drivers for the tape drive with no change. I will try updating the firmware to the latest next. Please send me any tweaks, hacks, or suggestions you may have.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Slow Performance

I have installed a TL891DLX (40/80) and it is slower as 35/70 (200MB/s vs. 250MB/s).
Should be faster (40/80 about 350 -400 MB/s)!
Did you try different Block Sizes? My Block Size is 32k and on 35/70 it is 64k.
Trying with 64k now.
Configure under BE -> Device -> Properties
Must make a Quick Fomat on the Tape to use it.
cu Armin