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Slow Throughput with Surestore 40x6

Robert Young_14
Occasional Visitor

Slow Throughput with Surestore 40x6

We have recently upgraded our server to a new Dell Poweredge 2800 running Windows Server 2003 and moved our tape drives to the new server. The tape drives we are using are a Surestore 40x6 autoloader (C5717A) and a DLT80e (C5726A). We purchased a new Adaptec 29320A-R SCSI card and all new 320 cables and a terminator for the new server. The backup software we are using is Veritas 10.0.

The problem is that when using the DLT, I get throughputs around 300 MB/min, but with the autoloader, I get ~1 MB/min (yep, that's ONE). Adaptec support was no help, especially since the other tape drive on the same SCSI chain is operating perfectly.

Any suggestions? (other that rolling back the drivers and updating the firmware, because I've tried them both)