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Slow backup on ssl1016

Occasional Contributor

Slow backup on ssl1016

My backup is slow and I donâ t know why. There are no other applications running on this system and all backups are ran after hours to prevent extra network traffic that might slow down the network. The 460 should be able to backup 30mb/sec. Iâ m not using compression due to the fact that a lot of the data is already compressed. Iâ m getting closer to 5mb/sec over the network and 7.5 on the local drive.

HP SSL 1016 with an Ultrium 460
Connected to a Compaq EVO D51s 2.0GHz processor and 512Mb memory.
The SCSI is an Adaptec 29160 Ultra 160.
Network card is Intel Pro/100 VM.
Connected to a Cisco Switch.

Windows 2000 Sp4
BrightStor ARCserve 11 for windows
Agent for open files
Agent for Exchange
Etrust A
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Slow backup on ssl1016

If you are running local backup, and the throughput is low, probably your hdd cannot deliver higher value of data. You can run L&TT in order to troubleshoot performance problem, there is an option for "System Performance" and you can then check what is the higher rate that your system can deliver, this test mesure the time you spend to read data and put them in memory of the server. if this value is low, you will never be able to send enouth data to yuour LTO II in order to make it work in streaming mode. there is also another test called "Device Performance" that will generate data in the server memorym and will send them to the drive, checking for bottleneck in the scsi path