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Re: Slow rate speeds ultrium 4

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Slow rate speeds ultrium 4

I am using a 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR with an Ultrium -4 drive and LTO-4 tapes.  Back in September I had job rates at 1,755 MB/min.  Then suddenly they went down to about 200 and now they are less than 100.  I am using BE 2012 and of course the jobs are taking a long time to complete.


I did a drive assessment - which failed.  I suspected this was the cause.  However, after replacing the drive with a new one - the speeds are still the same and the drive assessment is good.


Wondering if anyone may have any ideas what is going on?  I have a SAS connection to the media server - if this is a cable issue - would it cause a slowdown or would it likely just fail completely.

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Re: Slow rate speeds ultrium 4



You can try to run " connectivity test" from Library and tape tools if you suspect the cables. Also you have the performance based tests in L&TT which will give you a fair idea of the bottle neck which also is a good option to try






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