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Software for MSL5060 for multiple hosts

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david judd
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Software for MSL5060 for multiple hosts

We have been using Backup Exec for
Netware v. 9.1 on a 4-drive MSL5060,
to back up several servers, Netware,
Windows, and HP-UX, all through one
Netware server. (2 drives per scsi channel).

We would like to connect two of the drives directly to 2 HP unix HP-UX hosts, hopefully
so that the larger jobs for those hosts
will complete faster by writing directly
to tape, rather than going through the
network, via the Netware server, to tape.

What software can be used to control the
library robot to direct the library to
load tapes from the (4 right now)
tape cartridge partitions into the
appropriate drives ?

It doesn't seem like Backup Exec would
be able to do that, ... is there some
HP software, or Veritas, or ? that
can load tapes into the drives for
backup jobs (on both unix and
netware) , that could span several tapes?

Thanks for any info.
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: Software for MSL5060 for multiple hosts

Hi David

You are right. You will need to replace BackupExec to be able to do heterogeneous backups.
In order to be more flexible I would suggest implementing a backup SAN. This will allow to share all drives between all attached servers.
You could use 4 drives for HP-UX one time and when the backups have finished the very same drives for Netware!

To the Software:
You can go for HP DataProtector, Veritas Netbackup, Legato Networker or others.
All will do the job but HP DataProtector by far is the least expensive!
Anyway, you have to do all backups with only one backup SW which is "owning" the library and scheduling all backups.

For more information go to the Enterprise Backup solution WEB page:

I love storage

Re: Software for MSL5060 for multiple hosts


The "Partition Library" features of OmniServe from TD Systems do just what you asked for. No software needed except what you have now.

e-mail me for more info.

Peter Brewster