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[Solved] Looking for HP Dataprotector Express SSE 3.10 SP4


[Solved] Looking for HP Dataprotector Express SSE 3.10 SP4


I've recently received a HP Ultrium4 1840 SCSI tape drive from work for free because of an upgrade. With it, I got version 3.10 SP2 of HP Dataprotector Express Single Server Edition. I'm using it on an ancient retro server of mine. Version 3.10 is the last version that officially installs on the machine's almost as ancient Windows 2000 Server operating system.

For completeness' sake, I would like to install service pack 4 for the software, and if possible all hotfixes that came afterwards. Thing is, I cannot find the corresponding downloads anywhere anymore.

Versions 3.50 SP2 or 4.x are unfortunately no options here as even the former won't install on the OS (too new) and the latter isn't covered by my license anyway. Also, I believe the "Basic" or any other versions won't do either. As far as I know my "Single Server Edition" software license won't cover them..

I believe this might come as an ISO file of the full software. As far as I know, the installation procedure should allow for an "upgrade" from SP2 to SP4.

If anyone could provide me with the SP4 version of Dataprotector Express SSE 3.10 or a working link to it, it'd be much appreciated!

Also, since I am unsure, I'll ask here: If I manage to obtain it, am I allowed to re-share the software without the SSE license attached? Or does the software licensing forbid this?

I'm assuming it should be fine as long as I'm not pirating license keys, but who knows..

Thank you!

Edit: I managed to find it! It was the right idea to check whether HP would still be running an FTP server. They do! And there I found exactly one version of the software, and it turned out to be 3.10 SP4. Plus it upgrades my SP2 version and accepts the SSE license!

Here's the links:

Only thing that's missing is the Novell Netware version.

Note that that's FTP links that modern web browsers might no longer support. In such cases you could use a dedicated FTP client program such as Filezilla.

And now I'm gonna leech that entire HP FTP before it disappears, it's a treasure trove of legacy HP software, drivers and firmware!


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Re: [Solved] Looking for HP Dataprotector Express SSE 3.10 SP4

@SonicBlue , glad to know to that your issue has been resolved