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StorageWorks 3U Rack-Mount Kit SCSI ID

kenny chia
Regular Advisor

StorageWorks 3U Rack-Mount Kit SCSI ID

I am currently evaluating the Compaq Storageworks 3U Rack-Mount kit. Below is the instructions for setting SCSI ID.
I am quite confused here...
Do we set the SCSI ID via cable connection or on the tape drive?

The default SCSI ID for each tape drive depends on the cable configuration used in the
storage enclosure. If there is one tape drive per SCSI cable, the default is 0. For two
tape drives per SCSI cable, the default for the top tape drive is 1 and the default for the
bottom tape drive is 0.
Before setting the SCSI ID, be sure the SCSI ID complies with the following:
â ¢ Each SCSI device on the same SCSI bus must have a unique SCSI ID.
â ¢ If the tape drives' SCSI IDs need to be reassigned, do not duplicate SCSI IDs.
â ¢ Do not use SCSI ID 7 because it is reserved for the controller.
To set or change the SCSI ID of a tape drive, refer to your tape driv
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Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks 3U Rack-Mount Kit SCSI ID

You set it on the tape drive, so you do need the user manual for it, too.