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StorageWorks Autoloader G2 Ultrium 448


StorageWorks Autoloader G2 Ultrium 448

I have a HP Proliant ML350 G3 with the Smart Array 641 scsi controller. Does anyone know if the 'StorageWorks Autoloader G2 Ultrium 448' will work or will there be a LUN problem? If there is a LUN issue can someone recommend a reasonably priced alternative scsi HBA.

Marek Nelec
Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks Autoloader G2 Ultrium 448

SA-641 does not support tape drives (apart form the fact that it doesn't have an external SCSI connector). You could use integrated dual channel SCSI HBA with one of the following cables:
HD68 Internal to External SCSI Cable Option Kit PN 159547-B22
VHDCI Internal to External SCSI Cable Option Kit PN 333370-B21

but I don't know if they are still available.
In any case you can use 64-Bit/133-MHz Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA G2 PN 374654-B21.

Marty Sag
Occasional Advisor

Re: StorageWorks Autoloader G2 Ultrium 448


I'm following the same path myself and got caught out by buying the wrong cable.

Nobody told me that the tape drive came with a SCSI cable already which has a VDHCI connector for the server end and HD68 for the tape end. I had previously purchased the 159547-B22 Int to Ext cable for my server, however the product description didnt say this had a HD68 end and even the manual reccomended this part :(

So now I'm looking for the right part. Can you tell us if the 333370-B21 will definitely plug into the onboard SCSI of the ML350G3 and definitely has a VHDCI68 thumbscrew connector on the other end suitable for this tape drive? I dont want to be caught out again and HP have not been very helpful.

Alternatively can I get an adapter to connect the existing VHDCI68 cable of the tape drive to the HD68 now in my server?

Thanks very much for your assistance.

Marty Sag
Occasional Advisor

Re: StorageWorks Autoloader G2 Ultrium 448

Oh and I should just point out I didnt buy an autoloader, I just got an external Ultrium 448 which came with a SCSI cable, I dont know if the autoloader comes with a SCSI cable in the box or not.