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StorageWorks SSL1016 and fibre

Herman Hurtado
Occasional Contributor

StorageWorks SSL1016 and fibre

Has anyone tested or knows whether the above autoloader will work across fibre using the appropiate SCSI-Fibre convertors even though
in the Q&A for the product it says 'the SSL1016 has only been tested as a direct attach SCSI device and is currently not supported as a fibre channel device'
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks SSL1016 and fibre

SAN/fibre support is listed in the EBS compatability matrix, which can be found here:

As you mention, the SSL1016 is listed as direct attach SCSI only.

Which drive type do you have? Very similar versions of the LTO and SDLT drives used in the SSL1016 are tested in MSL libraries with the NSR routers (e.g. N1200) so there is no technical reason to say it they wouldn't work in an SSL1016. There is no specific testing on the robots (if you're not using stacker mode), so that is one area untested, although I wouldn't expect problems.

So, officially unsupported but a good chance that it would work with an NSR (other than a DLT1 drive which hasn't been SAN tested).
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