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Storagetek L40 problem

Mauro Gatti
Valued Contributor

Storagetek L40 problem

Hi all,
I have to install a L40 library with 2 LTO2 tape drives on a "class A" server with hpux 11.11 installed.

I connected the library to 0/0/2/0 SCSI port and I am able to see its "picker" but I can't see tape drives:

0/0/2/0 ext_bus SCSI C87x Fast Wide Single-Ended
0/0/2/0.0 target
0/0/2/0.0.0 autoch STK L40
0/0/2/0.7 target
0/0/2/0.7.0 ctl Initiator

I checked library to see if there is something wrong in SCSI chain but I can't see anything bad.
Web based library tool told me that it seems all right: in effect it see library pickero on 0 SCSI id drive 1 on 1 and drive 2 on 2.

Last SCSI drive in the chain is termined correctly.

Library works with a LVD/se SCSI card.
Kernel has got stape and schgr driver already installed in.

Do you have any idea to help me?
Ubi maior, minor cessat!
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Storagetek L40 problem

I do not understand why the scsi connextion reverted to SE, when this appear usualy there is a SE device connected on the SCSI channel that revert all the devices to SE.
If you do not have SE devices, you probably have a short between one wire and the ground in som cable or terminator.
You can troubleshoot, connecting or disconecting one device at a time until you identify the cause of this. I would also highlight that two LTO2 on the same scsi bus will probably give you performance problems.