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Storageworks 3U SCSI Tape Drive box help!

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Storageworks 3U SCSI Tape Drive box help!


I have one of the above which has been sat on a shelf in a rack. I am now looking to rack it, and ordered part number 173844-001 which seems to be correct and seems to fit the actual box, however the rails will not fit my rack!

It seems the depth between front and back posts is 28 inches on my rack, whereas these fixed rails are spring loaded and have a depth of 29.5 inches uncompressed, and when I compress them to the max it is 28.5 inches....

Does anyone know if I can get around this with a different set of rails?! I cant seem to find any part numbers!

I am surprised at this because all other HP equipment seems to fit in these racks?!
Curtis Ballard
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Re: Storageworks 3U SCSI Tape Drive box help!

Based on the measurement of 28 inches provided between the front and back rack posts, this appears to be an HP SystemE rack. Therefore the correct part number to mount the 3U SCSI Tape Drive box would be 280571-001.