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Storageworks sDLT320 Autoloader 1/8 Problem

Richard Acland
Occasional Visitor

Storageworks sDLT320 Autoloader 1/8 Problem

I have just purchased a HP Storageworks 1/8 autoloader which I have connected to a Proliant ML530 Server. I have installed a seperate SCSI adapter as per recomendations from HP Technical support. The server is running Windows 2003 Server O/S with Arcserve V11. When I first perform a backup everything seems to work well. However, if I then export the tapes, and import new tapes, I am unable to perform another backup for approx. 30 minutes. In fact Arcserve will not allow me to do anything that involves communicating with the autoloader during this time. The autoloader displays a message on the LCD display stating that it is busy (sorry, don't have exact message). After 30 minutes, Arcserve then recognises the autoloader and continues as you would expect. I have tried to reboot the server during the period of inactivity thinking that this would resolve the problem but it seems as though it is the autoloader that is failing to communicate with the server as a server reboot does not re-establish connectivity. It seems as though the autoloader is waiting for something and simply timing out after 30 mins. Has anyone experienced anything like this, or offer any suggestions. Thank you.
Claudio Ruzza_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Storageworks sDLT320 Autoloader 1/8 Problem

Hmmm, never seen before.
I suggest you two simple checks:
-Is Removable storage service started? If yes, please stop and disable it
-Is Brightstore Arcserve patched to rel 11.1?

Waiting better ideas coming to me...