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StoreEver 6250 writes less data, than uncompressed capacity (2.5) TiB on LTO 6 tape

Ruben Muradyan
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Re: StoreEver 6250 writes less data, than uncompressed capacity (2.5) TB on LTO-6 tape

@Curtis_Ballard wrote:

The achieved capacity sizes you report seem small but it is hard to say how much was actually written to tape without some data from the tape drive.


Tape has two capacity points, early warning (EW), and end of tape (EOT).  EW is reported before the full capacity is used up so software that stops writing at EW will always get a little less than the advertised capacity but it should be really close.  As has been mentioned 2.27 TiB is about what you should expect to be the maximum.


If you use the HP Library and Tape Tools utility ( you can pull a "Support Ticket" from the drive at the conclusion of a job and post that here.  The support ticket will contain information about the amount of data written to the tape along with performance and retry information that can help determine if there is some reason that you aren't getting the expected capacity.

I think I will do it that way, thank you.
I thought, that my situation is a result of lack of knowledge, or some quick mistake, but yes, it seems, that it will be a support case.