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Strange Compaq DLT8000 Issue

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Strange Compaq DLT8000 Issue

Hello all

Ran into a perplexing issue this morning and hoping someone might be able to shed some rays of hope!

My customer has an ML570G2 and connects his DLT 40/80 drive through the onboard scsi port controller. A few days back, he unplugged and relocated the drive to an ML370 server.

Here's where the fun starts. Upon reconnecting to the ML570G2, the drive will not detect. Upon reboot the DLT drive hangs up at POST and will time-out after 3 consecutive tries each time getting a FAILED message.

I had him power down his entire rack and I plugged in the drive to a different ML570G2 in the same rack (again through the onboard scsi port) and that server is also timing out at POST.

Having said that, I believe I've eliminated the possibility that there is a hardware issue with the server.

So, could it be the DLT tape drive perhaps? The customer swears that the SCSI ID was not changed but I'm suddenly having doubts. He's currently on SCSI ID 5 and is running 4 HotPlug drives through his array controller.

Is there a possibility the BIOS needs to be reconfigured after the DLT drive was removed and then reinstalled?

Went ahead and ordered a new DLT drive but I'm not getting the warm and fuzzy feeling...thanks in advance!

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Strange Compaq DLT8000 Issue

Have you checked the connector for bent/broken pins? check also the cable and terminator if you have moved them with the DLT.
Does the DLT enquiry string appear at boot time when the scsi controller bios is inizializing?
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Re: Strange Compaq DLT8000 Issue

Thx for the response...I'm heading back out with a new DLT and offset cable in hand. But, you are right...I should have checked that's been bugging me for a few days.

And yes, the string does come up in BIOS but when it reaches the SCSI ID of the drive it hangs and will eventually time out as FAILED.

More info to follow

Occasional Advisor

Re: Strange Compaq DLT8000 Issue


Hit the nail on the head...went back with DLT drive and cable in pin was bent about 45 deg downward. Phew!

Thanks a bunch