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Strange Error with Surestore DAT8

Shaun R
Occasional Visitor

Strange Error with Surestore DAT8

We're using an HP Surestore DAT8e on a Compaq Deskpro EN running NT Server 4 with SP5.

Our backup softwarwe is Veritas Backup Exec. The backup log is reporting the following error "Physical Volume Library Changer not found"

Any ideas as to what this means? The tape drive is plugged in and powered on and has been detected okay by NT4.
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Strange Error with Surestore DAT8

I'm not a Backup Exec expert, but it sounds like the software is expecting to find a robotic library on your system that's not there.

The robotics in libraries appear on the SCSI bus (or Fibre Channel, as the case may be) as another target or device that the system can talk to. The error message sounds like it's looking for it and not finding it. Not really an error, considering that you haven't got one.

Check the configuration of Backup Exec and look for something about a tape library or robotic. Try and remove it, if it exists.

Good luck!
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