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Stuck Magazine and Corrupted Product ID

Shadow Boxer
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Stuck Magazine and Corrupted Product ID

I have an HP 12000e Autoloader that I bumped while it was loading a magazine.

It now displays an Error 46.
'Push Eject'

However Eject does nothing.

So I installed HP Library Tools. and it reports 'Library at Address 0.3.1 Not reporting ready status (I/O Exception Sense Key 2 Sense code: 0x3E00 - may impact drive search)

the unit reports as a 'Kennedy 9612-' windows XP can't identify it and the Software claims this drive isn;t compatible.

Does HP Charge to give out the Library password or will it do it for free?

I just bought this thing and it has no warranty :(

There is a script to recover from this error condition but the L&TT cannot recognise the drive. Any ideas?

I have included the Log for your viewing pleasure:

Have a nice day!
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Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Stuck Magazine and Corrupted Product ID

I don't think that HP charges for call in support. Any call agent should be able to give you a password. They can give temporary passwords for LTT. There is a mode in LTT that will allow you to override the device detection and tell it what kind of devices you have. I haven't tried it with the DAT autoloaders but it works with the DLT autoloaders. There is also a mode in LTT to reset the inquiry string for DLT autoloaders. Maybe it works for DAT autoloaders as well. There was a command in LTT that downloaded the latest firmware and reset the inquiry string all in one step.
Steve W
Trusted Contributor

Re: Stuck Magazine and Corrupted Product ID

If you can get LTT to recognise this inquiry string, try running the script called "al46_recovery.ssc", designed especially for this condition and should be able recover the magazine position. If it can't, the unit needs dismantling. Don't attempt it yourself as there are some very delicate flexy connectors that can easily be broken.