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Stuck...with a tape drive

Nathan Roeber
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Stuck...with a tape drive

Ok... last ditch effort to figure this out....
OS=NW51SP5 Edir 862sp2
Arcserve 7.0 Sp1
on a Proliant ML350 G3
Raid 0
with a Hot Pluggable
20/40 Dat Drive (SDT10000)
in a "cage" setup attached to a Smart Array 532 Controller
On the server bootup the server sees a Logical Drive on Port 2 ID 0 and a tape drive on Port 2 ID 4....
however netware does not see the tape drive when I do a list devices it gives me Unbound Device Object
The weird part is when if I load arcserve and let it fail then do a list devices it see the tape drive as a SDT10000
the point where arcserve fails is when it loads canwpabd.nlm
Hopefully I have provided enough info.... thanks for the help in advance...

Janine Bertolo
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Re: Stuck...with a tape drive

Hi Nathan;

Everything's working fine from the hardware end of things.

The reason you see the drive as unbound before Arcserve loads and bound after is because Arcserve loads up CANWPA (Computer Associates aspi manager) in the meantime.

Check the CA support site to see if there is a patch or upgraded device to address this issue.

I found this one:

Although it's not the same controller, the 5i and the 532 have the same chipset and use the same driver in NetWare - cpqraid.ham. It's worth a try.


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Re: Stuck...with a tape drive

Hi Nathan,
This seems to be aspi nlm problem. We do had this kind of problem in NW4.11. We use to load the aspi nlm tape nlm after the system booted through startup.ncf. There seemed to be some time delay required between the loading of scsi controller and tape nlm. Also check in the DAT manufactures site for any details on configuring with NW5. Also check in compaq site for any updated NLM for the scsi controller.

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