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SureStore 12000e part number

David G. Hoch
Occasional Contributor

SureStore 12000e part number

I have a SureStore 12000e tape library. On the sticker on the back of the unit it lists the model number as C1561A. When I connect the unit to the SCSI card and view the device from the SCSI diagnostics page it lists the model number at C1553A. Both of these devices are shown as the 12000e on HP's support documents, but the 1561 is an external device for Windows environments, while the 1553 is an internal device for Unix environments. Any thoughts about what might be going on, and how I can use this in my Windows environment?

Steve W
Trusted Contributor

Re: SureStore 12000e part number

The 12000e is the family number within the SureStore brand. i.e it's a DDS2 6 tape external (e) autoloader
The C1561A is the model number used when purchasing the drive.
The C1553A is the internal SCSI ID used by the O/S driver.
This autoloader will work on either Windows or HP-UX servers, but you will need to configure the switches at the back depending which type of HP-UX server it was used on previously. For Win32 set it to F or 15. You will also need some backup software, most common BU apps know about the SS 12000e, even though it is quite old.