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SureStore 24x8 autoloader - drive issue

Alastair Gregory
Occasional Contributor

SureStore 24x8 autoloader - drive issue

Hello all,
I have the C1557A SureStore 24x6 DDS3 autoloader with NT 4.0 Server. This has worked fine for a long time but has suddenly failed. Symptoms are:

- can only eject mag with a forced eject.
- No error indication on the LCD or LEDs
- L&TT is not able to run diagnostics on the autoloader's drive. When I scan the bus, the error "Library at
not reporting ready status (I/O Exception (Sense Key: 4; Sense Code 0x4004)) May impact drive search.".
- L&TT hangs up when I try to exercise the tape handling.
- L&TT reports that tapes "may be sticking" and recommends using the forced eject, but eject & reload does not solve the problem. On inserting the mag, the tapes are checked as usual. Tapes are quite new (<3 months old)
- cannot load or unload tapes using front panel buttons
- cannot select a tape using the front panel

Any suggestions are welcome!
Alastair Gregory
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: SureStore 24x8 autoloader - drive issue


Most probably it is a drive problem, which needs replacing, but it could also be a transport problem.

If it is under warranty, contact HP to have a look at it.

Tape Drives RULE!!!