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SureStore 4/40 Library RMC Connectivity

John Clogg_1
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SureStore 4/40 Library RMC Connectivity

I can't get the remote maintenance menus to display on IE. The only exception is an older PC that has a version of IE with the old Microsoft Java environment. Newer installations using the Sun Java JRE don't work. The library firmware version is 1.14.0. Do I need to update the library firmware? Is there a configuration change in IE or the JRE that will correct this problem?
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Re: SureStore 4/40 Library RMC Connectivity

This library is really old now, but AFAIR the requirement was a specific JAVA version, like 1.3.something ... try to install the latest library firmware from november 2004:

version 1720

Use with LTT

Hope this helps!

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