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SureStore DAT 24 doesn't detect tape

Bob Goetz
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SureStore DAT 24 doesn't detect tape

I have 2 different drives that do not detect tapes when I insert them (new or used, it doesn't matter), and the clean LED is not coming on. It will not detect a cleaning tape and run it either. Once inserted, it loads up, but the tape LED does not come on, and then the tape will not eject. The only way to get it ejected is to cycle power, then it kicks out. Is there something I can clean on the unit to fix this problem?



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Re: SureStore DAT 24 doesn't detect tape

I would suggest to disconnect the drives from the hosts , i.e. disconnect the scsi cable from behind and try to operate the drive , putting media and ejecting it.

If it doesn't succeed , then the best way is to use L&TT and run it from the hosts connected.

Refer following troubleshooting document
with mention of L&TT usage.