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SureStore DAT 24 versions

Bill West_1
Occasional Visitor

SureStore DAT 24 versions

I have two SureStore DAT 24e Drives. The paper labels on the bottom are different.

Drive 1
Model: C1556D
Part No: C1556-60023
Rev: 3907

Drive 2
Model: C1556-69202
Replacement Part For: C1556D
Rev: 3918

Both report same info to SCSI inquiry command:
HP, C1537A, Rev. L907

I am using the drives on Debian Linux (Kernel 2.4), and they behave differently. Drive 1 will write files, and Drive 2 will not. Both will read back files. Drive 1 will accept
command (using Debian mt-st) to disable compression, but Drive 2 will not.


1. Are there known differences between the two versions of the drive ?

2. Is it possible that even though the drives report the same software revision to the inquiry command, they have different firmware loaded ?

3. Any clue why I can't write to drive 2 ? I have swapped SCSI IDs, tapes, and cables between the two drives, so I don't think it is any of these things.

4. Any suggestions for values to check using SCSI "mode sense" command ?