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SureStore DAT 24e jobs are failing...

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Betty Renz
Occasional Contributor

SureStore DAT 24e jobs are failing...

Hi there,

I'm hoping that you can help me out.

We have a Windows NT 4.0 Server and a SureStore DAT 24e tape drive to backup our data. Two weeks ago, our tape drive started failing jobs because the backup started taking more and more time, going from one tape, to two tapes per night.

I downloaded the HP Library & Tape Tools application, visited the event logs on the server, and performed an exhaustive search on the Web and HP's site to try and troubleshoot my problems. So far I have not found a solution.

I have upgraded firmware, rebooted the SureStore DAT, and rebooted the Server. The errors that the LTT comes up with are: cleaning the drive 5 times, update the firmware, re-calibrate the drive, etc. I've done everything but re-calibrate the drive as I have seen on the Web that it just causes other problems, and that re-calibrating should be the last resort.

I have included the saved ticket that I generated from the LTT application as an attachment. Would you be able to review the ticket and let me know what's up with our SureStore DAT 24e tape drive?

I greatly appreciate any help that you can offer. Thank you very much!

Steve W
Trusted Contributor

Re: SureStore DAT 24e jobs are failing...

The support ticket mentions 0x9F errors. This is a media error, did you try new media? The recalibration script should not make matters any worse, but you need new media to complete it properly.
Betty Renz
Occasional Contributor

Re: SureStore DAT 24e jobs are failing...

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for your response to my problem. New media helps me get full backups again.

I think the problem originated when I rebooted the server a few weeks ago after I received a kernal blue screen of death. (I got the blue screen after changing the VGA settings for our monitor.) I think something muddled up the kernal settings that were related to the Surestore.

After a few reboots, and the new media suggestion, everything backups properly again. The throughput rate is back to 50 - 90 MB / per minute, and the times that the backup takes has decreased. When I run another support ticket, it says that compression has been enabled again.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your help in troubleshooting. I really appreciate it a lot!!

Thanks Steve!