SureStore DAT40

Edy Rossi
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SureStore DAT40

Hi to all,
i'm italian and so exceuse me for my bad english.

I've got a litte server in my home, an old server dismitted from my farm. Work fine but tape a surestore dat40 now don't work. A led clean is on and cleaning cartidge is immediately ejected.
With tool LTT a test button is not enable, I try to install a new firmware but an error appear:
Sense Information: Sensekey: 0x4, ASC/ASCQ: 0x40/0x2 (Diagnostic Failure on FRU 2 - Mechanism Error)

what i can do???

thanks to all
Rothery Harris
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Re: SureStore DAT40

Its possible you may have a hardware fault in the tape drive. The cleaning LED really is linked to increasing error rate. The drive could be several years old. It may have gathered lots of dust inside. Try cleaning the bezel and slot area with a vaccuum cleaner with the server powered off. If all else fails you may need to get a new drive.