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SureStore DAT40x6

Gabriel Murillo_1
Occasional Visitor

SureStore DAT40x6

I have a brand new Tape drive autoloader model C7515-00174. I try to turn it on and I get Error 45. I can't do anything with it at that point. It says to press eject but I try that and nothing happens.

Please help.
malvin drakley
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SureStore DAT40x6

Hi Gabriel

this link might be of help


Not me Chief, I'm Radar
Marco Hogeveen_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: SureStore DAT40x6

try this:

Press the UNLOAD/EJECT button three times for 2 seconds each time.

Hold the UNLOAD/EJECT button down for at least 5 seconds.

Following this, the drive will wait for 35 seconds to complete the operation it was doing, and then eject the tape. If the operation was not completed in that 35 seconds, then it will eject regardless.