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SureStore DLT40 problem

Daniel Dreier
New Member

SureStore DLT40 problem


I have recently acquired a HP SureStore DLT 40 Tape Drive, and can't get it to work. When I turn the drive on, all of the lights come on, and the go off leaving the "Tape In Use" light blinking, which sounds normal. But when I insert a tape, it simply does nothing, and eventually the "Operate Handle" light starts blinking. I cannot remove the tape and even after power cycling the drive several times the "Operate Handle" light does the same thing.

I have not hooked the drive up to a computer because I haven't installed a SCSI controller yet. Is this problem solvable, I've gone through the User Guide, and haven't found anything about a flashing Operate Handle light.

Thank you,
Daniel D.