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SureStore Dat 24 Ejects Tape


SureStore Dat 24 Ejects Tape


All of a sudden, our SureStore Dat24 Tape drive began spitting out the tape DDS 3 type tapes. I have rebooted the server, powered off and on the Tape machine but nothing seems to work. To make matters worst, we don't have an owner's manual that came with it. We purchased it less than 3 months ago. Please help if you got any ideas.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: SureStore Dat 24 Ejects Tape

You can find DAT users guide here:

If you can install HP Library & Tape Tools (, and generate a support ticket, we can look at the drive error logs for any indication of the problem (just post the .ltt support ticket file here).
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Andreas Pesek
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Re: SureStore Dat 24 Ejects Tape

I have the same problem:
from one day to the other my
SureStore DAT24 (external C1537A with latest
Firmware L111) stopped accepting ANY
DDS3 tape!

I inserted the tape and after a few second it
was ejected again. My DDS3 tapes were in use
for about 10 to 20 hours of operation.
Then a bought two new DDS3 tapes, inserted
them into the drive - and the same: ejected.
I browsed through the WEB, HP web pages,
I run the HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools
but everyting without any indication would
could have gone wrong (Device Analysis,
Connectivity Test, Device Self Test
completed successfully).

No faulty indications of the "tape" and "clean" LEDs;

I even disconnected the tape drive from the
my PC, only the power cable connected,
switched on the drive, inserted any of my
7 dds3 tapes (2 of them yet unused) but all got ejected immediatly.

Only once one of the new DDS3 tapes was
accepted (for the Read/Write Test of the
HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools)
but the next time ejected again.

Of course I inserted cleaning tapes,
but I had the impression that even the
cleaning tapes got ejected immediatly
without doing their cleaning job.

Is anyone out there with the same problems
AND a solution ... ?

Trusted Contributor

Re: SureStore Dat 24 Ejects Tape

it could be that your Media Recognition Switches, that are present in the drive and identify the media when it is inserted, are not functioning correctly.

They look like a series of pins, mounted just inside and to the right of the front of the drive. You could do a swift physical check to ensure they are not obstructed, otherwise you will have to contact one of our call centres and walk through some troubleshooting and obtain an exchange drive (if you are in warranty - which it sounds like you are if you have only had the drive for 3 months)

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