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SureStore Dat 24x6 Error 45

stephen smitas
Occasional Contributor

SureStore Dat 24x6 Error 45

When turn on the loader receive the following message:

Eject Media then
Error 45
Steve W
Trusted Contributor

Re: SureStore Dat 24x6 Error 45

Error 45 is "R motor turning to the home position" jam. If this is internally mounted drive (24x6i), there could be something (e.g. a CD-ROM drive) in contact with the circular metal plate on the top of the autoloader mechanism that is preventing the plate from rotating properly. This will jam the R (rotating) mechanism, load the motor, and cause this error message.
If it's an external (24x6e)unit, the magazine or a cartridge within the magazine could have become dislodged thus preventing full R motion. This will happen if the autoloader is handled or moved with a magazine still loaded. It could require dis-assembling to fix this.