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SureStore Tape 2000

Darrell Bowman
Occasional Advisor

SureStore Tape 2000

I have a SureStore Tape 2000 that came out of a Netserver E 40. I do not have any documentation and/or software. I looked on web and couldn't find documentation. Can somebody tell me what the capacity of the drive is and what all the particulars are, where I can get software and what kind of SCSI card do I need to put this drive to use?
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: SureStore Tape 2000


That drive is a DDS1 drive, so it can take only 60 or 90m tapes (DDS1 tapes). It can be connected to any SCSI-1 controller (Single-Ended). Remember to terminate on the drive itself.

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