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SureStore Ti20 (C4394A) reads 'Bad Media'

Ralph Hagan
Occasional Contributor

SureStore Ti20 (C4394A) reads 'Bad Media'

our surestore Ti20 'all of a sudden' (with no software or hardware changes) won't read any of the NS 20 media/tapes. reports 'bad media' or doesn't sense that a tape is loaded but will wind and re-wind trying to read the tape's header information. Also won't read from/through any of the software backup products: tapeAssure, NTbackup or Backup Exec. Same issue. no media loaded or bad media. tried new tape for test and same errors. Updated scsi drivers, tape drives firmware and software apps versions with no change. How do I test for failed or mis-aligned tape heads or defective tape sensor?
sometimes you have to break it to figure out how it works
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: SureStore Ti20 (C4394A) reads 'Bad Media'


Looks like you have some faulty hardware. Suggest you get it looked at replace the faulty components. "all of a sudden" tends to be a hardware problem.

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