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Surestore 2/20 event log

Occasional Visitor

Surestore 2/20 event log

Please help!!

I get the follwoing warning:

Invalid Library Operation Attempted (25).

There is nothing else in the logs.
I use Arcserve2000 advanced.
NT4 sp6.
Adaptec 29160.

Pedro Magalhaes
Occasional Visitor

Re: Surestore 2/20 event log

Remove Tape from slot 1. This is a reserved slot for library operations ( move a LTO/DLT from one slot to another ).

I'm almost sure that the special slot is the slot one
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Surestore 2/20 event log

The library has received a SCSI commad from the server/OS/Backup software that is illegal (or it can not handle yet).

In windows 2000, disable removable Storage Manager if running.

In ArCServe, check the configuration for the library. Also check for other messages that could be related.

At the end of the day, if the library is working fine, there is not too much to worry about but it never hurts to check. I have seen this more often with ArcServe where it was checking for barcode labels on a library that does not support barcode labels and thus the SCSI cdb sent was illegal.

hope this helps,

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Re: Surestore 2/20 event log

I called HP support and we did a few tests.

Basicaly we switched the Library OFF and then ON again and we can see that warning.

Then we switched the server off and restarted the Library, warning apeared again even with the server switched OFF.

But, then we disconnected the SCSI cable from the server and restarted the Library and this time no warning, ANY thoughts?